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To enhance service delivery within the public service, it is pivotal to ensure a uniform approach to managing projects within all spheres of the IG. This means that the same tools and techniques should apply across all spheres of government. The PMO is meant to translate strategies/concepts into projects. The PMO supports all interim government projects and accompanies departments and organs of state.


September 2018

To promote constitutional democracy and improve compliance there is a need to have ECM as a state institution promoting constitutional democracy through ethics management, auditing, monitoring and evaluation of state institutions. The ECM Commission is not a decision-making agency. It can only recommend through its reports to the RC and office of the President. THE ECM commissioner is proposed by the President and confirmed by the RC. The ECM commission is the only state agency with the right to request and gain access to information about the operations of any organ of the state in order to achieve the outcomes of any of its three prong mandate. The ECM commissioner has no executive authority and cannot directly interfere in the decision making process of any department except called upon to do so by the RC. The ECM commission makes its reports to the RC and President but is accountable to the RC.


The judiciary (also known as the judicial system or court system) is the system of courts that interprets and applies the law in the name of the state. The judiciary also provides a mechanism for the resolution of disputes.

Strategic Vision:

Discharging their judicial duties and responsibilities in accordance with the Constitution, laws, and customs of this unique island nation, for the benefit of those who use the courts’ services


The Justice of the Peace Court will:

  • Be sensitive and responsive to the needs of a diverse community.
  • Use cutting edge technology to increase: citizens' access and convenience in using the Court and the Court's ability to reach sound decisions through the best available access to factual and legal information.
  • Treat all individuals using the Courts with the utmost respect.
  • Have a service oriented approach in dealing with users of the Court.
  • Use strategic planning to develop and maintain the highest possible level of services to the public and to responsibly seek, use and account for public resources.
  • Insure that court procedures and structure best facilitate the expeditious and economical resolution to disputes.
  • Insure equal application of the judicial process to all cases, which are fairly decided based upon legally relevant factors

The Judiciary has constitutional jurisdiction of three main types: personal, territorial and subject matter, unless constitutional prescription mandate and define exceptions


The DCIT is created to to plan and implement world class communication services to all Ambazonians in a manner that promotes socio-economic development and inclusiveness through broadcasting, new media, print media and other new technologies, and brand the country locally and internationally

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