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Ngo Ketunjia County

The inhabitants of the constituent villages of Ndop Municipality are from the great Tikari tribe which is the origin of most villages in the grass field areas of the Northwest Region. There are principally four clans in the municipality that correspond to the four villages of the council.

Menchum County

Of the 17 villages that are in Wum council 10 of them are in the Aghem Clan,then the rest out of this are Menteng, Agulli, Bangwe, Atwe, Itiaku, Echuan and Bu.

Kupe Muanenguba County

The indigenous people of Kupe Muanenguba are made up of the following tribes: the Bakossi, the Balong, the Bassosi, and the Mbo. According to history, all of them share the same ancestors as descendants of Ngoe, who was married to Sumediang. They had seven sons and lived in Mwekan, in the western part of the Muanenguba Mountains. They all speak the Bantu language. At one time, a supernatural being warned the couple that a flood was coming and told them to make a box in which to escape; they built an ark, taking in their family and all kinds of animals, and survived the flood. The ark came to rest between the twin lakes of Mwanenguba, one of which is said to have a female character and the other male, the different clans that makes up Kupe Muanenguba claim descent from different children and grandchildren of this couple.

Mezam County

Santa Council area, which covers the same territorial area as Santa Sub Division, is a melting pot of ethnic groups, namely, the Ngembas (Akum, Alatening, Awing, Njong, Pinyin), the Moghamos (Mbei, Mbu, Baba II), the Chambas (Baligham), the Bamilekes and the Mbororos.

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